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Bree & Josh's Classic and Contemporary Wedding

Posted on 28 Oct, 2015
Bree & Josh's Classic and Contemporary Wedding


How did you meet your (now) husband? 

We both go to a very big church so although we'd both been attending for years, we'd never met. He thought it would be funny to walk up to me at an event and ask, totally out of the blue:  'so... What's it going to take for me to get your number?' We've never looked back. 

How long have you been together?  Just over two years. 

Do you have a proposal story?  Josh took me completely by surprise. We'd only been dating for 15 months when he took me out to dinner + then tricked me into sitting down by the Yarra River for 'dessert' where he proposed. All I ever wanted in a proposal was to be surprised, and I got it. The details of his proposal are hard to explain as it was sort of an inside joke - but he even picked my ring himself + it was perfect. 


The Wedding

What was your wedding date?  March 7, 2015

Location (Ceremony and Reception)

1.     Where? 333 Collins Street + the Abbotsford Convent

2.     What made you choose there? 333 Collins was suggested by a friend + we loved it because we'd never attended a wedding there, which made it special. I loved that the aisle was the length of a city block. It was such a dream to walk down it.

We fell in love with the Abbotsford Convent after traipsing through many reception venues that just weren't right. It was everything we wanted in a venue and the staff blew us away from the moment we walked in the door. They were all amazing, and the grounds just picturesque. It was that little something different from anywhere else we'd seen. 

We actually only managed to secure both venues because of a cancellation at the Abbotsford convent + 333 Collins being made available on a date that it initially wasn't. We couldn't believe how things just fell into place so perfectly.  

3.     How did you find it? Both were suggested by friends or family. 

How was the weather on the day? It was perfect wedding weather - 23 degrees + mostly overcast. 

What made you decide to get married on this particular date? 

We had always wanted to get married in March, but the 7th was just a miracle because of the two venues both suddenly becoming available. We felt it was meant to be :)


The Wedding Details

Theme (if any – colours, features, etc.)? Our decor centered around pink florals + lots of greenery. We wanted a classic colour scheme but with an element of rustic that matched the beautiful convent. 

Where did you draw your inspiration/ideas from? I followed a lot of different bridal blogs / instagram + Pinterest accounts such as Hello May, One Fine Day, KWH Bridal (of course), The Lane, Cosmo Bride etc. Most of my inspiration was drawn from a combination of these! 

Were any aspects of your wedding D.I.Y? If so What? A few. Our bonbonierres were a mixed CD called 'Love Song Dedications to our Guests' and packets of lifesavers that we changed the outer wrapping to, both with help from our stationery supplier Rachel from Peep Designs. The CD we produced ourselves, which had a mixture of songs + us chatting to people as though we were 'driving them home' from our wedding (Hamish + Andy style, haha) We loved this element because it was so much fun to make + our guests seemed to love it.

All of the cursive handwriting on our stationery was actually my own - I couldn't find a font I liked so I asked Rachel to print my handwriting on it! I loved that too, because it made it ours. I hand wrote each of the place cards, which were actually small business-card sized Kraft envelopes. Inside each envelope was a personal thank you note to the guest. This was a really time-consuming task, but something we were set on doing because we were so aware how hard it would be to thank everyone in person on the day. We were so glad we did - our guests loved how personal it was. 

Bridal Party 

Bridesmaids – who/relationship? 

Holli Rutten - Josh's sister + now my sister in law 

Lauren Deegan - beautiful friend to both myself and Josh for many years. We studied together in 2008 + have become closer since then. 

Tahlia Eadie - we have been friends since she was 12 + I was 16! She's the little sister I never had. We've been through a lot together + she is very close to both myself + Josh. 

Jen Bourke - my maid of honour. She + I have done everything together since we became friends in 2005. We've travelled the world, seen each other through every up + down. She is my absolute best friend + I couldn't live without her. She has become great friends with Josh too which I love. 

Groomsmen – who/relationship? 

Dan Rodgers - One of Josh's very best friends who I am also quite close to as we also studied together in 2008

Jake Ford - Josh's 'brother' - has been an honorary member of their family since they were very young, they are great mates 

Zachary Kellock + Jacob Kellock - Josh's brothers are both legitimately his best friends, and because he couldn't decide on just one as his best man, I told him to have both :) it was cute + I think it was perfect that way. 

We chose our bridal party based on people that were close to both of us, not people we felt obliged to include. We are so glad we made that decision because everybody knew each other & had such a great day because they care so much about both of us.


Wedding Gown (the most important part!)

What made you decide to come into Karen Willis Holmes? My bridesmaid Tahlia arranged a whole day of dress shopping for me that included an appointment at KAREN WILLIS HOLMES. I loved the dresses but it wasn't until a few weeks later when travelling in New York I noticed you had a store there.  I was travelling with a girlfriend and so we dropped in, only to find we had the whole store to ourselves, and beautiful Stephanie was such a great help - I think I tried on every dress in the store !! That was where I fell in love with the 'clarisse' train. It wasn't until I was back in Melbourne that I decided on the Johanna dress. Once I saw it with the train I knew it was perfect :) 

Where have you seen our gowns (if at all) before? On Instagram mostly :) 

How many gowns did you try? ALL OF THEM. 

Where did you purchase your gown from (which store or stockist)? In Melbourne, on High Street

What did you especially like about your gown? I loved that it both made a statement with the train for our rather grand ceremony in the city, but became simplified + elegant for our more rustic reception when I took the train off. It was perfect for both locations. I honestly felt like I got the best of both worlds. 



Who is your bridesmaid dress supplier? Stone Cold Fox in LA. 

Where did you get the groom and groomsmen’s suits? All from SABA

What accessories did you choose to finish your gown and also for those in your bridal party? I kept my accessories to a minimum as I felt the embellishing on the dress was enough. I wore some very simple stud earrings + that was it. 

 The girls wore either rose gold or silver, and they each had studs, a bangle + a tiny ring with a knot in it. These were their thank you gifts.

The boys were kept very simple with just a pocket square, + Josh wore a rose gold Raymond Weil watch, which was my wedding gift to him. We both wear rose gold wedding bands, so I wanted him to have a watch that matched. 

Where did you get your shoes from? My shoes were just sandals from myer! They were 'sandler' brand. I had always said I wanted to wear flats on my wedding day as I am quite tall + I hated the idea of having sore feet all day. The sandals actually matched the embellishing at the top of my dress perfectly. I was so happy wearing them. 

Did you wear a veil/headpiece? Where did you get this from? No, neither. 

What advice would you give brides organizing their wedding? Don't sweat the small stuff. I decided from the beginning that I wanted to enjoy being engaged. If it's stressing you out - stop it. Nothing is such a big deal that it should ruin that precious time. I had so much fun planning my wedding because when things went wrong, I just had to laugh about it. Things work out in the end. 

What advice would you give brides searching for their wedding gown? Try on as many different styles as you possibly can! The style I chose was so far from what I set out to buy.

Anything extra that is special or you would like to share about your big day.

Getting married is just the best. I loved every minute of it. 



Stylist - The Details Co. 

Lily is a friend who has just started out on an event styling venture. You wouldn't know it - she is absolutely amazing. She collaborates with Ms Murphy Flowers + Peep Designs + their events are always outstanding. She is worth a follow! The staff at the Abbotsford convent mentioned how impressed they were with her work.

Florist - Eavan Murphy 

Loved her work - especially the hanging greenery at our reception. She did an absolutely amazing job. 

Photographer - Jeff Chen, who is a friend we know through church 

Videographer - Will Yap, Two Front Teeth. Will is a friend, and he is actually a fabulous wedding photographer, not videographer. He kindly filmed our wedding as a favour to us, because we had already asked Jeff to take photos. 

Music - our band who played at the ceremony + reception were a collection of friends from church. Some play together in a large band from time to time, but are so skilled it was easy for them to pull together to get some music happening for our wedding. They only rehearsed once + we had people asking who they were! See @planetshakers + @planetshakerschurch, some of them feature there.

First Dance - we danced to Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Me + my dad danced to A Little Ray of Sunshine. 

MC - our dear friend, Brandon Keenan

Celebrant - our senior pastor, Russell Evans

Stationery - Rachel Lee at Peep Designs 

Menu - Peep Designs (feat. my handwriting ;) )

Cake - We didn't have one! We chose not to as we don't care too much for the tradition. But at our engagement party + my hen's we had some stunning cakes made by @micaela_elliott, see #joshheartbree

Hair - Jodie Robinson (Jo Elegance) - also a friend 

Make up - Zara Jones

Wedding Bands - David East, Doncaster