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Posted on 24 Feb, 2016

We are excited to be able to share our new collection - DESIGN YOUR GOWN.  Months in the making, this collection is an extension of our principal collection - BESPOKE.

Featuring over 9 bodices and 9 skirts the possibilties are endless with over 91 different combinations - you truly will be spoilt for choice! From strapless, boat neckline and v-necklines, to fitted, full and flirty skirts wedding dress shopping just got a whole lot more fun.

Pieces can be kept separate or sewn together as a finished wedding gown. Selected pieces are in each of our boutiques, so please contact info@karenwillisholmes.com to ask about your favourite combinations.


Eliza skirt styled with (L-R) Kitty, Blake, Essie, Ella, Zoey, Abbey and Leonie bodices

Frances skirt styled with (L-R) Zoey, Abbey, Leonie, Kitty, Blake, Essie and Ella bodices

Franki skirt styled with (L-R) Abbey, Leonie, Kitty, Blake, Essie, Ella and Zoey bodices

Joni skirt styled with (L-R) Blake, Abbey, Essie, Ella, Zoey, Leonie & Kitty bodices

Julianne skirt styled with (L-R) Essie, Ella, Zoey, Abbey, Leonie, Kitty & Blake bodices

Melanie skirt styled with (L-R) Leonie, Kitty, Blake, Essie, Ella, Zoey and Abbey bodices

Mimi skirt styled with (L-R) Ella, Zoey, Abbey, Leonie, Kitty, Blake & Essie bodices

Nina skirt styled with (L-R) Blake, Essie, Ella, Zoey, Abbey, Leonie & Kitty bodices

Alexia skirt styled with (L-R) Kitty, Abbey, Essie, Ella, Zoey, Leonie and Blake bodices