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Posted on 11 Sep, 2017

Fabulous Frocks is a gorgeous bridal boutique taking over the US. With stores in locations over the states - Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Kansas City, Nashville, Shreveport & Washington DC; these guys know what they are doing! Stocking some of the finest brands world wide, Sarah the owner prides herself on delivering the best customer service experience to her brides. 

We are excited to announce Fabulous Frocks will be hosting two KWH trunks hows coming up - one starting this weekend! In the lead up to these events, we took a few minutes to get to know Sarah the owner and how she came to open Fabulous Frocks. 

Here is a preview of some of the gowns that will be available in the trunkshows. More details are below this post. 

Your name? Sarah Black

Store name? Fabulous Frocks Bridal 



Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started your store? I went to school at St. Andrew’s in Scotland and met my husband over there. When we moved back to the states and got married.  The bridal fashion industry sparked my interest and I began researching the Charleston market and opportunities to build a business of my own. I initially opened a store here in Charleston and over time franchised out to now having a total of three corporately owned locations as well as four franchise stores. Charleston has come to be known as the second most popular destination wedding city other than Las Vegas in the world. I grew up here and can’t imagine living anywhere else. My husband, Alan, and I just moved into our new home a short distance from downtown. We have one son, Owen and two hairy kids, Beau and Wallace.

What does a typical day for you involve? I definitely have a lot going on at all times so each day can tend to be a bit different. I have a great manager in the Charleston boutique who holds down the fort here, however, I do go in once every week or two to help out with appointments, which I still really enjoy. I mainly spend my day acting as a support system for all of the store locations including the franchise owners and managers of our corporate locations. I’m constantly brainstorming new ideas and researching marketing strategies to keep us all up to speed with market trends and industry opportunities. We also have an in-house private label line that is designed and produced here in Charleston so there is always a little time spent each day making sure everything's running smoothly there.



Why do you love your job? This job is such a social job and you get to meet a lot of amazing people on a daily basis.  I absolutely love talking to each of my brides and getting to know each of them.  

What are your favourite KWH gowns and why? It’s funny because KWH has some of the most gorgeous beaded gowns I have seen, yet what really sparked my interest in the line is the classic simplicity of the BESPOKE collection and how beautifully the patterns are cut and the gorgeous silks used. Being located in the south, our brides are fairly deep rooted in tradition and are often looking for a very timeless, classic and simplistic look. Styles that will stand the fashion test of time. One of my absolute favorite gowns that represent all of those qualities is the Kitty/Karly gown. It was one of the first KWH gowns I saw in person and I was blown away but the gorgeous fit on the brides. The traditional A-line silhouette of the skirt paired with a beautifully constructed bodice looks so bridal but so sophisticated and current. I’m excited to have all of the beautiful gowns in store honestly! I think our brides are going to flip!!



What is it your clients love about a KWH gown and who do you see as the ‘KWH bride’? I think the combination of the fit and the beautiful high-quality materials used is what draws brides to the line. The variety of silks used throughout the collection are all amazing to the touch and work so well with the silhouette chosen for each. A great pattern will make brides of all shapes and sizes feel like a million bucks. KWH has mastered that!



Any great proposal stories from clients you have worked with? Yes, we had a bride in not long ago, Kathryn, who purchased her gowns with us and during her appointment told us their proposal story...Kathryn lived in Charlotte, NC (about three hours from Charleston), but has family in Charleston and visits often. I guess it had been three or four weekends in a row that she had made trips down with her boyfriend, Harry, to see family and once she was home again she was not interested in making the drive again anytime soon. The only problem was Harry was ready to propose and knew she would want her family to be a part of the day. He came up with the plan to have Kathryn’s parents tell her that her brother was going to propose to his girlfriend down in Charleston the following weekend and she needed to be there. Although she hated the idea of making the trip again she was happy for her brother so she went.

All along Harry was the one with the ring in his pocket. The day of “her brother’s proposal” they whole family was out on the beach and they were given the cue that her brother was about to make his move. Kathryn and Harry were standing together and out of the corner of her eye she saw him doing something...he was getting down on one knee. She turned to him, grabbed his arm and said “Get up! What are you doing? You’re ruining everything!”...It took a few seconds to realize that everyone had turned to look at them and that she was the one being asked the big question. Harry’s plan had worked. She was totally surprised and they are now a few short weeks from saying I do :)

What are your tips or advice for brides searching for their gown? Keep an open mind. Wedding gowns are unlike any other garment you have ever shopped for. Don’t be afraid to try something you may not have considered. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful and feel like yourself! And once you find the gown you love it’s okay to stop. There are so many options in the bridal fashion world now just go with your gut and as long as you love it you are making a great decision.

Layla with Cape


What is your coffee order? Grande black coffee or cold brew :)

Favourite city? Charleston (of course!)

Best way to spend $50? Mani/Pedi or maybe a new pair of workout leggings :)

Best advice you ever received? Let it go! Don’t take things personally and don’t dwell on certain situations.

Anything else you would like to share with brides-to-be about your store and what you offer? We offer an incredibly relaxing, friendly, and personal shopping experience.  We truly care about all of our customers!

Nerada with the Diamond train



Anya + Genevieve Skirt Drape

Charleston SC KWH Trunk show 

Dates - 15 – 17th September 2017 
Address - 100 Church St, Charleston, SC 29401
Call - 843.754.1855 I Email - charleston@fabulousfrocksbridal.com
Website - Click here

Washington D.C. KWH Trunk Show 

Dates - 6 – 15th October 2017 
Address - 1901B Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301 
Call - 703.683.2306 I Email - alexandria@fabulousfrocksbridal.com
Website - Click here

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