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Highlight Vendor // Milton Gan

Posted on 31 May, 2017
Highlight Vendor // Milton Gan

Milton & Amy are the team behind Milton Gan Photography, a fun and lively duo based in Sydney, Australia.  Recently, Milton spent the day in our flagship store in Alexandria, chatting to all of our brides to be about their upcoming day.  Milton's fun and carefree nature brought a new energy to the boutique which our brides just loved!

Milton Gan Photography pride themselves on finely crafted wedding photography & believe in capturing your day with authenticity, love & creativity- exposing the special little moments shared between couples & their friends & families.  The pair clearly burst with creativity, Milton comes from an advertising background and Amy, from marketing in the fashion industry.  Milton's passion for photography turned into a full-time profession when he moved to Sydney, met Amy and the pair embarked on their incredible journey as Wedding Photographers 6 years ago.  Their attention to detail is carried through from start to finish- offering an end-to-end service complete with their clients being presented a beautifully crafted album after the wedding. They have established an incredible partnership with Queensberry, one of the finest album companies to help tell their clients love story.  Teaming up with such a prestigious company also ensures the quality of their photos are shown in the best light from start to finish.
Milton Gan has captured some stunning Karen Willis Holmes gowns over the years & below are some of our favourites.


Your Name: Milton Gan

Location: Chippendale, NSW

Business name: Milton Gan Photography

Amy & Milton, celebrating their own wedding

Let's start at the beginning. How did your business come about? After a long career in the London advertising industry, I moved to Sydney in search of my true calling. My passion for photography started to steer me in that direction then one day I stumbled across a wedding blog and was blown away by what I saw. In that moment I knew my future was going to be in wedding photography. I photographed my first wedding in 2010, went full time a year later, and met Amy (my wife and second photographer) the following year. We have now photographed over 200 weddings and are booking out dates well ahead of the rest of the market.

What inspires you? I'm constantly inspired by artists, entrepreneurs, and companies who push boundaries, challenge convention and continuously innovate. I’m also inspired by my wife Amy who, apart from being my second photographer, is also a consultant, educator and mentor in the fashion marketing industry.


Natalie in our 'Jacqueline' gown shot by Milton Gan Photography

How do you start your day? I’ve always been a night owl so mornings are usually a late start with a strong coffee, but after discovering yoga I’m trying to change my routine to start the day with an early morning class

What is your favorite thing about your job? Apart from getting invited to enjoy 40 weddings a year I also love being involved in the photographic and wedding industries. For the past two years, I was the NSW President of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) and I continue to be an accredited member and a competition judge. I also mentor and educate other photographers and regularly network with some of Sydney’s best wedding vendors to keep our amazing industry fresh and innovative.

What is your advice to couples planning a wedding? Whilst there are lots of traditions and cultural or religious influences that may try to shape your wedding day, remember that there are no rules and no rights or wrongs. It’s your day so have it your way and let it represent who you are. Your venues are usually the first thing to book followed by your photographer but if there’s a particular photographer you want you could always base the wedding around their availability - that’s what we did! And whilst I might be biased I would advise every couple to take their decision about photography seriously and invest in the best photographer they can find, taking into account their photographic style, their personality and the style of albums they offer. You want to feel you can enjoy having them around you for a day and can trust them to do their job so you can focus on having a fantastic day.

Favorite city? Paris. We love everything about it and it will always be very special to us as it’s where I proposed to Amy.

Anything else you would like to share with brides-to-be about your work. We’re acutely aware that most people don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera so our documentary style frees you up to be yourself and have the best day ever. We’re also aware that the day isn’t about us - no one decides to get married because they want to have a photoshoot! So we make sure the bridal party photo session is super relaxed and takes up no more time than is necessary so you can get back to enjoying time with your guests.

Penny in our 'Rachel' gown shot by Milton Gan Photography


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