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Highlight Vendor // Photographer Bonnie Jenkins

Posted on 07 Apr, 2017
Highlight Vendor // Photographer Bonnie Jenkins

We took a few minutes to have a chat to Bonnie Jenkins, a photographer from the Sunshine Coast who we recently invited to shoot the opening of our beautiful new store in Paddington, Brisbane. On top of that, she also shot the magical wedding of Robyn & Whitney, who was a Karen Willis Holmes bride wearing our 'Saskia' gown. Their wedding was natural, candid, full of love, laughter and of course, colour. Jenkins' style of photography captured this perfectly. For those lucky enough to live near the Sunshine Coast, she is a photographer one must consider booking for their wedding day. Thank you for your time and generosity, Bonnie!

Your name? Bonnie Jenkins

Business name? Bonnie Jenkins Photography

Where is your business located? Sunshine Coast

Tell us a bit about yourself, your company & how everything began. 
Born and raised in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, I started my photography career in 1999 studying a diploma of photography then going on to complete a bachelor in Photography at Queensland College of Art, which gave me the opportunity to study abroad at Edinburgh College of Art. In 2008 I expanded my visual art practice completing a Masters in Visual Arts at Falmouth University College, Cornwall, UK.
After several years of teaching photography, I am now focusing full-time as a freelance photographer. I am experienced and interested in many genres of photography and video, including fashion, weddings, fine art and travel. I like to keep a good balance in my work to ensure I have time to pursue all my areas of interest. 

What does a typical day for you involve? After a cuppa, I go for a long walk along the country roads surrounding my home. 
This first part is about the only typical thing I do every day, after that it could be anything, which is partly why I love my job. Often it could involve sitting at the computer editing and prepping for shoots, or it could involve location scouting, meetings or shooting.

Why do you love your job? I get to work in beautiful areas all over the world and meet so many different people, and I get to photograph the things we celebrate in life. I simply love location scouting, it means you really get to know the landscape of different areas, you see so much more than if you were just doing the ‘tourist’ thing, but this also applies to my surroundings at home, I love discovering and exploring new areas. Most of my clients know that I love to get amongst nature for the shot. I feel so lucky to have a job that allows me to express my creativity but also explore the world. 
I love that photography can capture people's imagination as it can give vision to things we can only imagine or see in our peripheral. 

Where do you find your inspiration? Nature and experimentation


Any great stories from clients you have worked with? Getting flown up via helicopter to a private Alpine Lake in Wanaka, New Zealand, overlooking the Mt Aspiring mountain ranges was a once in a lifetime moment.  
I find that I become friends with a lot of people I work with which is great.

What are your tips or advice for couples planning their wedding? Think outside the box, don’t worry too much about tradition if it isn’t what you want to do. The times of ‘what you should do’ at weddings are gone these days so just include the traditions that have meaning to you. Don’t forget to have fun.

What is your coffee order? Long Black

Favourite city?
Oh wow, such a hard question, I like them for different reasons. 
London for its old world charm 
Berlin for its art culture
Reykjavik- because I just love Iceland as a whole
Paris- some great memories from here
Oh sorry, I can’t answer this question, there are too many… 

Best way to spend $50? Buying amazing ingredients to make a big delicious meal for my friends. 

Best advice you ever received? When it comes to your art, you can’t please everyone so just be true to yourself.

Anything else you would like to share with brides-to-be about your work? I feel extremely lucky to have learned photography back when it was all analog. The hours and sometimes days spent in the darkroom perfecting one image has given me a great respect for photography as a medium. 


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