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Lara + Kyle's Perth Tipi wedding

Posted on 09 Apr, 2018
Lara + Kyle's Perth Tipi wedding


How did you meet your partner? We met in high school but didn't begin dating until after we graduated. 

How long have you been together? 4 years

Do you have a proposal story? I had started to get a little bit suspicious that Kyle was going to propose soon. There had been multiple times that I had thought, 'I think it's today!' and then been wrong. We had plans to go out to dinner for my birthday, however, my parents had plans to go away earlier that day so I doubted as to whether this would be the time. Unlikely as it was, I still woke up that morning feeling totally anxious. As I got out of bed at 7am and looked out the window I could see Kyle's car partly hidden around the side of my house.  Realising what was happening and in a total panic I decided to go out into the kitchen instead of staying in my room (which I would find out later would kind of ruin his plan). As I opened the door to my kitchen, I caught him off guard standing there with my dad. My dad quickly went to get my mum and sister. So there in my kitchen, pyjamas on, hair a mess, mascara under my eyes no doubt (not at all how I ever imagined I would look when getting proposed to) with my family all watching, I read a letter that went something like 'Today we are going on a bit of adventure, you'll need to bring...but before we go, I just need to know...' and Kyle got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It's all a bit of a blur, I don't remember saying yes or putting the ring on (but I definitely did both). I had sent Kyle a picture of a ring that I loved a few months earlier, and so he had a ring designed to match the picture exactly, it was completely perfect!  He took me to breakfast, to the beach, to see his family, out for drinks (with a big group of our friends who thought they were there to surprise me for my birthday), and then finally out to that birthday dinner. 

The Wedding 

Wedding date: 18th November 2017 

Ceremony/Reception Location: A private property in Henley Brook in the Swan Valley. 

What made you choose there and how did you find it?: The property belongs to the uncle of one of my bridesmaids. I had visited the property in 2013 and I remembered thinking it was amazing. We were lucky enough that he agreed to allow us to have both our ceremony and reception there at his home. 

What was the weather on the day: The week before our wedding, the weather forecast for our wedding day turned from 'sunny and warm' to 'raining and cold' with a chance of a thunderstorm. Since we had planned an entirely outdoors ceremony and reception, I panicked (a lot!). We moved our ceremony into the gazebo on the property, and cleared out a passage between the two sheds for our dance floor and relied upon the shelter of the shed verandah and our tipi for the rest. After all the changes and the worry, despite the unchanging weather forecast, the weather on our wedding day was perfect. It was warm, there was blue skies and no wind, with just a tiny sprinkle of rain later in the night when everyone was on the dance floor anyway. Hilarious really. We think all the changes we made to the wedding in preparation for the rain, actually made it so much better. 

The Wedding Details

Where did you draw your inspiration from? We pretty much based the entire look of our wedding around our amazing tp&co tipi. It was a bit of a dream to have one on the day. We paired it with large Turkish-style rugs, white and wooden furniture, festoon lighting and plenty of greenery. The location of the reception was next to the sheds on the property, so it was all fairly relaxed and rustic to keep with the vibe of the location. 

Were any aspects of your wedding DIY? If so, what? Luckily for Kyle and I, we have many talented and resourceful friends and family members. Our wedding could be described as DIY, but more correctly, 'our friends and family did all the work'. My mum sourced the rugs, cushions, candles and feature tables from many random places and online selling forums, our brother-in-law Ryan and his brother made many of the tables, our sister-in-law Hannah created the amazing floral and greenery backdrop for our ceremony, as well as our giant drinks menu, our friend Victoria (who is also about to get married in a KWH dress) painted all of our plant pots, our friend Jason organised all of our production and we borrowed many items from friends. 

Bridal Party

Bridesmaids: My sister Kaitlyn, sister-in-law Emmalea and my friends Nikki and Abby. 

Groomsman: Kyle's brother Myles and his friends Toby, Jesse and Lyle

Flower girl: Our niece Billie

The Wedding Gown 

Lara looked stunning in the 'Beatrice' Gown from the KWH by Karen Willis Holmes collection. 

What made you come into Karen Willis Holmes? I had never heard of Karen Willis Holmes before I began planning our wedding. I somehow came across the Instagram page while looking at dresses that I liked. Every dress on the website was so beautiful, I was sure I could find my dress there. 

How many gowns did you try? Karen Willis Holmes was the first place I went to try on dresses. I tried on about 6 in the store. By the end of my time in the boutique, I was pretty sure that the 'Beatrice' gown was the one for me! The exact size that I needed wasn't located in the store that I had first tried the dress on in (Perth), and funnily enough the next day I was flying out to Sydney for a conference, where the gown in my size was located. The next day the ladies in the Sydney store fitted me in, I tried on the Beatrice dress in my size and I was then completely sure this was the dress. That same day the Perth store ordered it in for me. It's pretty crazy how it all worked out. 

Where did you purchase your gown from? Karen Willis Holmes - Subiaco, Perth 

What did you especially like about your gown? My favourite part of my dress was the beading, it was so intricate and beautiful. 


Who is your bridesmaid dress supplier: We purchased the bridesmaid dresses online from Esther & Co. 

Where did you get the groom and groomsmen suits: Politix 

Accessories: As my dress was so detailed, I wore only my engagement/wedding rings and a pair of diamond earrings from Esther & Co.  My bridesmaids chose their own jewellery individually, with much of it from Swarovski. 

Where did you get your shoes from? Betts

Veil: Karen Willis Holmes 


What advice would you give brides organising their wedding? First of all, do whatever you want. It's your and your fiancee's day and it can look and feel however you want it to look and feel. If you want to get married at someone's house rather than a venue than do it (we did). If you don't want to have a wedding cake, then don't (we didn't). Neither of those examples are especially crazy, but you get the idea. And secondly, it will all work out, it is probably all a crazy mess in your head and lots of things will probably go wrong in lead up, and maybe even on your wedding day, but it will all come together.

What advice would you give brides searching for their wedding gown? Before I went dress shopping, someone said to me, "Try on lots of different styles, even the ones you don't think you will like". I did that and ended up with a dress I absolutely love, and it definitely wasn't the style I thought I would choose. When you find a dress that you love and is in your budget, go with it. I had so much to think about for the day, having the dress sorted quickly was a huge weight off my shoulders.


Photography - Woodvine & Co

Florist - Nina and Nae 

Videographer - Ryan Fazzalari - A1 Creative  

Music - Grace Porter & Michael Day 

Food - Andrew McWhirter 

Dessert - MOP Donuts 

Hair - Maria Caruso 

Makeup - Lisa Thomas 

Tipi - tp&co 

Plant pots: Tot's Pots