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Lucy & Tully's Melbourne Wedding

Posted on 20 Sep, 2016
Lucy & Tully's Melbourne Wedding


How did you meet your (now) husband?

Tully and I met in our first year of uni at the Monash Science Society ball. About two weeks before the ball one of my friends was meant to wing-man me on a date with the hot guy from our Chemistry lab, but she bailed on me at the last minute. To make it up to me she promised to bring someone to the ball to introduce me to. Her boyfriend was studying Law at Deakin with Tully, and so they decided to invite him so they could set us up. The theme for the ball was ‘Disney’, and it’s an understatement to say I was a huge Disney fan. Being blonde I decided to go as Alice in Wonderland. Once we arrived I caught up with Eleanor, to be introduced to a very well-dressed White Rabbit. The perfect complement to my Alice costume. Needless to say, Eleanor did well by introducing me to Tully. Six years later we are walking down the aisle! Tully almost got kicked out of the ball at one point because the bouncers thought he had had too much to drink, and I had to beg them to let him stay so I could get to know him better. Later he revealed that he was so nervous to meet me that he had indulged a bit to give him some liquid courage! I’ll never forget the weedy little moustache Tully had at the time either, that was almost a deal breaker for me! Luckily I persevered and got to know how wonderful he is, and now at least he knows to never try Movember again!

How long have you been together?

We’ve been together for six years this November.

Do you have a proposal story? 

I worked in fine jewellery for years specializing in engagement ring design, so Tully knew that he couldn’t do it on his own. We were planning a trip to Paris for the following year and were going through our budgets one night over dinner. I usually handle most of our finances so was explaining to Tully that we would definitely be able to achieve our savings goal, when he got down on one knee and asked me to take some money out of the budget for a “special purchase”. I was really excited then! He liased with one of my best friends from work to create my gorgeous engagement ring, and had it hand made in Melbourne. I knew roughly when it should be finished so I was super touchy every time we had a meal or went out somewhere. He knew this, so as soon as he picked up the ring he surprised me. I was working on an assignment for uni, when I turned around and there he was, down on one knee again. He tried to just shove the ring at me, but instead I told him he had to say something nice, so he was all flustered and blurted out: “I love you, will you let me be your wife?” Since then he has been the butt of a lot of ‘wifey’ jokes. Once we were in Paris we went to my favourite restaurant, Auberge Nicholas Flamel for a celebration engagement dinner and had a lovely evening. We definitely milked the fact that we were ‘newly engaged’ on that holiday, and even got free upgrades on our flight over because I pretended he had proposed on the way to the airport!

 The Wedding

What was your wedding date? Saturday 16th April

Location (Ceremony and Reception)

Where? The ceremony was at St Paul’s Cathedral in the center of Melbourne, followed by drinks at the Westin for guests while we were having our photos taken, and then the reception was in Arc One Gallery behind Cumulus Inc on Flinders Lane.

What made you choose there? I have a personal connection to the cathedral. This year St Paul’s is celebrating its 125th anniversary. My Great Grandfather was a stonemason, and he worked as an apprentice on the foundations for the cathedral. He then returned 30 years later to complete the spires of the cathedral, and was one of the only stonemasons to work on both projects. So it’s nice to have this family connection to such a gorgeous building, as it really makes me feel like I can spend time with my ancestors by taking a moment to just sit and be quiet. It was really special to share this with Tully and all of our wonderful family and friends who attended the ceremony. The ceremony itself was beautiful. My Godmother read one of Shakespeare’s sonnets, my best friend Maddy read from the Corinthians, and Tully’s sister Eliza read a blessing. Given the anniversary of the cathedral, we had the full choir present on the day to sing the hymns and help fill the beautiful space with music. Maddy’s sister Hannah sang one of my favourite songs, At Last by Etta James, during the signing of the register, which was a beautiful modern compliment to the traditional choir. I walked down the aisle to Parry’s I Was Glad, which perfectly showcased the vocal talents of the choir and created a bewitching atmosphere in the cathedral.

Having the reception at Cumulus Inc was an easy choice for us. Tully and I both really enjoy good food and wine, and love all of Andrew McConnell’s restaurants. We’ve travelled to France twice over the years and indulged and learned about amazing food and wine, and Tully is quite a good home cook himself. Tully is the kind of amazing home cook who cooks by feel and can just whip up some mayonnaise if you run out. So for us, the standard chicken or beef catered-style reception wasn’t going to cut it. It needed to be better than what Tully and I could serve at a dinner party, and was it ever! That’s why we wanted to choose somewhere like Cumulus, because we could trust that it would be amazing and it was one less thing to think about in planning. We had a lot of family coming over from New Zealand as well, and Cumulus Inc has a great selection of Australian wines that we were able to showcase. Plus the signature dish is a beautiful slow roasted lamb shoulder, which was the butt of several witty ‘across the ditch’ jokes throughout the evening.

How was the weather on the day? The weather was beautiful. The Friday before the wedding was quite hot, so we were worried that the heat might linger, which would be less than ideal for all the boys in their beautiful suits. Then there was suggestions that there might be light showers, but in the end it was a gorgeous day, and it only started to rain once we stepped out of the car and into the reception venue, so it was perfect!

What made you decide to get married on this particular date? We knew we wanted to get married in April, because in Melbourne it is the perfect blend of warm weather that’s not too hot. My favourite number is 4, and so for me the notion of a palindrome of 16 4 16 was irresistible. It’s definitely a date that will be easy for Tully to remember in years to come!

The Wedding Details

Theme? I worked for a number of years at a luxury jeweler, and used my science background to enhance my understanding of previous metals and gems. I wear yellow gold jewellery, so this luxurious texture became a driving theme. I complemented this with ivory to add a bridal touch. My favourite flowers are blue hydrangeas, so this pale blue colour featured on the stationary. As blue and yellow are opposite colours they worked quite well together. I am also a huge fan of old Hollywood movies starring Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn etc., so this idea of old Hollywood glamour played a role as well. I also love old English florals and gardens, so the main brief with the flowers was loose, soft romantic blooms and lots of greenery. Essentially it was a vintage glamour vibe, without being lacey and too feminine.

I chose to work with the amazing Mickey Loves Jacqui Letterpress team for our stationary. They created a gorgeous design featuring a pale blue hydrangea, and this really set a style theme for the rest of the table settings at the reception. We worked with the also amazing Vanessa and Caris from Prunella to create the floral arrangements at the reception, which complemented the stationary beautifully. The space at Arc One behind Cumulus is quite a modern, white, rectangular room, so filling it with gorgeous blooms worked really well to contrast styles. I had customized menus made as place cards, and had these on the plates, with gold cutlery that I ordered through Place Settings. I also hired in Bentwood chairs because I liked the soft curves of the backs. Plus they’re super comfy! Vanessa and Caris completed the aerial floral displays with beautiful gold candelabras down on the table, and bought Cire Trudon candles that made the room smell amazing. I am super into sweet things, so I had a dessert buffet with a huge selection of bite-sized desserts made by the super talented Vicki at Dolce Fantasia. Vanessa and Caris framed the gold-themed dessert buffet with giant urns of flowers, which was a beautiful back drop for speeches and photos.

Given that Arc One is an art gallery, there was an exhibition on at the time called Transformer, by Lyndell Brown and Charles Green, which featured large paintings with an overall outback theme. The sparse landscapes in the artworks contrasted really nicely with the lush blooms in the floral installations. All in all it had a very Melbourne feel to it. Warehouse meets arthouse meets cottage garden (not confusing at all).

Where did you draw your inspiration/ideas from? My favourite Grace Kelly movie is called To Catch A Thief. It is set in the south of France and is about a cunning cat burgular. Tully and I also really love the Champagne region in France, so we were trying to capture an effortless French style of glamour and luxury. I have fond memories of the introduction scene from the Beatrix Potter series, with beautiful English garden florals, so I was trying to find a blend between our French and English influences in a style that was also uniquely Melbourne. Given that the wedding was very central Melbourne CBD, I wanted to tie all this together in a clean way to create something really beautiful and classic, so that in 20 years we can look at the photos and say: I would still do that today. My gorgeous 'Jacqueline' gown played a huge inspirational role for other details of the wedding as well. The fabric is quite heavy and the gown has really clean lines, so I wanted this classic but glamourous style to translate to all other aspects of the day.

Were any aspects of your wedding D.I.Y? If so What? Yes, I wanted to make chic wedding favours that everyone could enjoy, so I made my own candles in mini science beakers. Given my science background I thought this would be a really nice touch, plus science products are really on trend at the moment. Learning how to make my own candles was really fun, and very cost effective! We were also having a dessert buffet instead of a wedding cake, so we gave each guest a small piece of pre-cut wedding cake as part of the wedding favours.

Bridal Party

Bridesmaids – who/relationship? I had two bridesmaids, my best friend and my sister. Both my bridesmaids were on duty full time from Thursday, helping prep all the party favour bags, making deliveries of all the accessories to Cumulus (e.g. guest book, cake knife), helping with the ceremony rehearsal etc. So it was a big time commitment, and I really appreciated their help. My sister Tilly gave me a beautiful gift to wear on the day. She made me a delicate gold ring with four balls to symbolise my family (my parents, myself and my sister) with a note saying that even though I was becoming an Anders, I would always be a Rutherford. She also made me a little stuffed dog to resemble our furbaby Archie, which I kept in my pocket so that he was there in spirit with us on the day. My other bridesmaid was my best friend Maddy, who came all the way from Germany to be in the wedding. Talk about commitment!

I originally invited my cousin to be in the bridal party as well, but she is 10 years older than me and has three gorgeous children who were flower girls and a page boy, so in the end it was better for her to spend the day with them and help them get ready, rather than being a bridesmaid. I definitely learned that you can’t just ask people and expect them to be honoured to be in your bridal party. It needs to be an open, two-way conversation; and sometimes it’s better for people to not make the commitment so they can really participate and be part of the day in their own way.

Groomsmen – who/relationship? Tully had his two best friends as his groomsmen. Tully has two older brothers and he didn’t want to choose between them, so we involved them by having the oldest brother be the MC at the reception, and the other brother gave a speech at the reception and was Tully’s witness for the marriage registry. All four boys (groomsmen and brothers) wore buttonholes, so they were a part of the day with us.

Flower girls/Page boys – who/relationship? Tully is the youngest of four siblings, and all his older siblings have small children (there are six, all under 6 years old!). I wanted to include everyone in the ceremony, because the reception was adults only (allowing all the adults to relax and enjoy themselves). My cousins from NZ also have young children, and my cousins are the closest thing I have to older siblings, so I wanted to include their gorgeous kids too. In the end we had six beautiful flower girls, Portia (11), Ava (9), Beth (2), Nelle (8 months), Saraiah (2) and Zahayvah (8 months); and five gorgeous page boys Jack (6), Tom (4), Lachie (2), Zac (2), and Knox (6). We took a great photo after the ceremony of Tully and I with all the flower girls and page boys. Our nephew Lachie is cracking a wobbly and trying to wiggle out of my arms, Zac and Saraiah (who had never met) are holding hands and cuddling, Jack and Tom (brothers) are standing straight up tall with huge grins on their faces, and Portia and Ava (sisters) were elbowing each other so we had to separate them. It’s one of my favourite photos from the day. To make them feel more comfortable, I ordered custom Star Wars bowties off Etsy (Rougebox) for the boys. These were super cute, and went down a treat with the older boys! For the girls I had custom tulle and silk dresses made on Etsy (Saskia Dankbaar) as well. Then I bought beautiful gold shoes from Seed for the girls to tie them in to the gold theme.

Wedding Gown (the most important part!)

What made you decide to come into Karen Willis Holmes? My sister is law is an avid Pinterest-er and follows KAREN WILLIS HOLMES on social media. When I started looking I took her with me as she has great style, and she took me straight to the beautiful store on High Street. We were served by the lovely Brianna, and I knew straight away that I would find my dress that day.

Where have you seen our gowns (if at all) before? Eliza pointed out some of the KAREN WILLIS HOLMES gowns at the One Fine Day bridal fair runway show, and I loved every design that was there.

How many gowns did you try? I tried about four different styles, from a gorgeous satin slip with a lace peplum top to the classic 'Matilda' gown but none were exactly right. Then Brianna ducked upstairs and came down with the Jacqueline. The original gown has a jewelled applique in the centre of the bodice, which given my background in fine jewellery I wasn’t too keen on, but with a quick pin of an offcut of fabric, we could start to imagine a vision for the dress.

Where did you purchase your gown from (which store or stockist)? We visited the beautiful boutique on High Street. There is a fantastic café a few doors down called Forest Green that is the perfect coffee spot while you’re waiting for your turn in the dressing room.

What did you especially like about your gown? I customized quite a few aspects of the Jacqueline gown, but I feel I still kept the classic essence of Jackie Kennedy. I removed the jewelled applique, added pockets to the skirt and buttons all the way down the train, and added a hoop underneath to give the skirt more volume. It make me truly feel like Grace Kelly. The bodice has a beautiful taper in the material to pinch in and create a tiny waist, and then the voluptuous skirt softly pleats to create a beautiful silhouette.


Who is your bridesmaid dress supplier? The girls wore classic navy Zimmermann dresses. We originally purchased the dresses in Oxblood, from the 2015 collection, but once I had my dress fitting in February we decided that the gorgeous ivory heavy silk twill of my gown didn’t quite complement the oxblood, so we switched to navy instead. On the day I was really happy with the colour as it matched the boys’ suits too!

Where did you get the groom and groomsmen’s suits? Tully is a big James Bond fan, and a man’s wedding day is just as much a ‘once in a lifetime occasional to dress up’ as it is for the bride. So Tully knew early on that he wanted a suave dinner suit like in the classic Connery Bond films. He began researching the proper fit of suits and learned a lot about men’s tailoring. So it was great that he found Oscar Hunt. They were able to perfectly realise his dreams and create a beautiful three-piece tuxedo for him. He was particular about the fact that he wanted silk grosgrain lapels, so Oscar Hunt were able to source the Dormeuil grosgrain fabric for him from the UK. It’s like a gentleman’s club when you visit, you get a cold beverage and sit in beautiful leather chairs, and you really do feel like James Bond! Tully managed to drag his two groomsmen and his two brothers to Oscar Hunt with him, and the results were truly impressive. They managed to find a waist on both the groomsmen and create beautiful suits that they will keep forever. While bespoke suits are a little more expensive, the results are worth the extra effort. Tully also wore Albert Thurston braces (the same ones Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale), a Le Noed Papillon bowtie from Sydney, Aquilla shoes and a custom shirt also from Oscar Hunt.

What accessories did you choose to finish your gown and also for those in your bridal party? I had given the girls a delicate gold bracelet when I asked them to be bridesmaids, which they wore on the day, and paired with their own earrings to add a bit of individuality. To complement my gorgeous gown, I borrowed my godmother’s beautiful pearl strand and earrings, and wore a gorgeous antique rose gold bracelet that every woman in my mother’s family has worn when they got married for five generations. As the wedding was in April in Melbourne, we had no idea what the weather would be like, so we decided we needed something to cover up with later in the evening. My sister is an industrial designer (and incredibly talented) so she made little fur capelets for her and Maddy, and I borrowed a vintage Scanlan and Theodore feather capelet from my mum’s friend. I chose it because it was pink, and wouldn’t clash with the bold ivory of my gown. To tie into my Hollywood glamour theme, I wore a beautiful Creed fragrance. I chose Spring Flower, which was created for Audrey Hepburn to wear at her wedding. It is these small touches that made me feel truly special on the day. Later on at the reception I removed my veil and added a gold metal belt I bought off ASOS to add a more party style to my dress. I also ordered custom Mon Purse leather clutches for myself and my bridesmaids that had our names embossed in gold. I ordered black for the girls to match their black suede Zomp heels, and light blue for myself with a hot pink lining for a secret pop of colour.

Where did you get your shoes from? The very first thing I bought for the wedding was my shoes. When I was younger my best friends and I used to pour over Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines, and I have always dreamed of owning a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. It only seemed fitting that for my wedding day I would realise this dream. On the very first day that the Louboutin Melbourne boutique opened on Collins street, I was there at 10am to buy my gorgeous New Simple 120mm pumps in nude. I chose the classic style because I can wear them again. I always knew I wouldn’t want white wedding shoes, so the nude seemed like the obvious choice. I am proud to say that I wore my shoes from 12pm to 2am, and didn’t get ANY blisters! I was amazed at how comfortable they really were. I also wore them the next day for the after party BBQ with no problems at all. Now I have to resist wearing them everywhere!

Did you wear a veil/headpiece? Where did you get this from? Given the grand nature of St Paul’s Cathedral I knew that I wanted a cathedral length veil. I love vintage laces, and have always loved my Mum’s wedding dress which featured corded French lace. Unfortunately KWH didn’t have a corded lace edging available, so I sourced my veil through AlisaBrides on Etsy. I ordered a custom width as I wanted the veil to be wide and long. This way I can use it in the future as a covering for my babies’ cots (almost like a mosquito net). The softness of the lace edging perfectly complemented the thickness of my gown’s fabric. Once I put my veil on at my dress fitting I truly felt like a bride.


What advice would you give brides organizing their wedding? We started planning the details of our wedding in January of 2015 (15 months before the big day). We locked in our major vendors (photographer, reception and ceremony venues, stationary, florist and my gown and shoes) by March 2015, and then being the hyper-organised control freak that I am, I started organizing other things that I should have waited for, like making wish lists for the registry, buying the bridesmaids dresses, deciding on hair and make up etc. The downside of being this organized meant that I had a year to become familiar with everything, and for others to develop opinions. I would recommend that although it’s hard to resist, some things really do need to wait until 6 months or even 3 months out to be organized.

Similarly, Tully and my main focus was that the day was about us, not about who we were before we were ‘us’ and not about our parents. This helped with coming up with the guest list, as our rule was to only invite people who are important to us as a couple. Given that we’d been together for 6 years, most important people in our lives are important to both of us, such as core family and close family friends. This meant that those family friends who played a super influential role in our lives as children, but who we hadn’t seen for 10 years, didn’t get a ‘catch up invitation’ as Tully called it. Although it was hard, we really tried not to use our wedding as an excuse for people to get together; we wanted to avoid the guests who would only come for the free meal. This also made other planning decisions easier as we worked as a team, and tried not to be influenced by what our parents wanted (our mothers have very different style and taste). As a result, we split the day in half. We had an ‘open ceremony’, where anyone was welcome to come to watch and witness our marriage. This opened the door to the Mothers’ Group mums who had known me my whole life, and girls from high school, and families I had babysat for etc. to witness the special moment. It was truly wonderful to walk down the aisle to so many loving (and tearful) faces. Following the ceremony my parents hosted drinks at the Westin hotel (behind the cathedral) for everyone who came to the ceremony (approx. 200 guests) while we were off having photos. Then our nearest and dearest met us at Cumulus for the reception (46 guests). Having the day in two parts enabled everyone who cared about us (individually or as an ‘us’) to come to the ceremony and be part of the day, leaving the reception for those who are dear to ‘us’ as Tully and Lucy in 2016. This was great because the ceremony is not a ‘cost per head’ event, so it really was open to anyone. There were also a few tourists crowded up the back taking photos, which was a funny Melbourne moment. My main point here is that the day should be a happy one focused on you and your partner to publicly make promises to each other. No one needs those bitter arguments about being forced to invite your Mum’s second cousin because it would be rude not to. Let them witness the ceremony, that’s the sentimental part they care about!

What advice would you give brides searching for their wedding gown? It is really overwhelming when you start looking for your ‘perfect’ dress. No matter how many dresses you pin, or how many designers you follow on Instagram, you won’t know what suits you until you get out there and try it on. I also don’t think it’s realistic to find the ‘perfect’ dress on your first go. It definitely took a few ‘almost perfect’ dresses being tried on before I was able to come back to the 'Jacqueline' and realise that was my dress. I would also really recommend doing your hair and make-up when you start trying on wedding gowns. It sounds silly, but it’s much easier to imagine what it would look like on the day if you’ve got a bit of lippy on and you’ve done your hair in a nice way. Plus it makes going out on the dress hunt a bit more special if you feel special doing it.

Something Old? The vintage family bracelet I wore, which originally belonged to my Great Great Great Grandmother.

Something New? My gorgeous dress, shoes and veil.

Something Borrowed? My godmother’s pearls and my Nana’s handkerchief that I hid in the super handy pockets of my dress.

Something Blue? A little blue bow on my underwear, a blue bow inside my dress, and my blue Mon Purse clutch.


Florist – We used Prunella. Vanessa and Caris are simply amazing floral stylists. They were super supportive and completely understood my vision of trying to bring all my different inspiration together in a coherent theme. The room was amazing. Between them and the wonderful Nell from Cumulus Inc’s event team, I realized I didn’t need a stylist, as they worked together seamlessly to turn an industrial art gallery into a romantic, glamourous dining room. I cannot recommend them enough. Plus they’re super lovely ladies which is an epic bonus.

Photographer – We worked with the wonderful Harriet Tarbuck from Harriet Claire photography. I first met Harriet at my Monash graduation… we had professional photos taken and she was really lovely and gave us all slight adjustments that created great photos. We grabbed her card and a few months later got in contact for her to document our wedding. She had a really laid back approach that was super fun, and allowed us to have little moments together that she captured with an expert eye and skill. Her assistant Sam was also super lovely. Harriet was a super trouper with great endurance; she was with me from 10am at Shibui, until 11:30pm at night when we left the reception! Her photos really seemed to have captured the essence of people. There is one photo of Tully’s parents that sums them up to a t.

Music – Cumulus Inc have wireless iPod connectivity in the gallery, so we were able to save on the cost of a DJ by Tully simply making a few playlists through his phone and wirelessly connecting to the speaker system. This was great as it gave us control over what was playing, and helped coordinate with the run sheet for the evening, and we could use songs as timing cues. We had a mix of old American jazz (Frank Siantra, Louis Armstrong etc) with a few more modern love songs mixed in.

First Dance – We danced to Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra, which mirrors how Tully and I met at the Science Ball and have been together ever since. It was super emotionally and really lovely.

MC – Tully’s oldest brother Dan.

Celebrant – Reverend Jenny Nelson from Christchurch South Yarra was filling in at St Pauls. She was amazing and such a lovely person. She really made the ceremony fun and inviting to all, regardless of their beliefs, and was very welcoming and supportive to Tully who is agnostic.

Stationery – Mickey loves Jacqui Letterpress. As I’ve said above, the stationary really set the tone for the rest of the wedding, and both Mickey and Jacqui were lovely to deal with. Planning a wedding is a long journey, and it was really nice to have Jacqui to share it with along the way. Letterpress stationary was my secret splurge that I hid from the wedding budget, because I adore the luxury feel it gives to an event. Now I can’t wait for future events so I can have Mickey design more gorgeous stationary for me. Next time I’m going to explore their gorgeous water colour florals and gold foil. Jacqui was also super helpful at the start with helping me clarify my theme and aesthetic from the get go. The Save the Date card is the first taste that guests get of the wedding, so I wanted to get it right from the very start. I love all our stationary and have all the pieces in a frame in pride of place on my gallery wall.

Menu – We served canapes and cocktails to guests from 6:30-7:00 as they arrived while we were finishing up with photos. We then had shared entrees followed by a two-part main course. Guests then grazed over the amazing dessert buffet created by Dolce Fantastia. Our full menu was:


Comte & leek tart

Smoked brisket, potato crisp & horseradish

Duck waffle, foie gras & prune


Entree - To share

House pickles

Tuna tartare with crushed green pea salad

Kitchen charcuterie selection

House curd, basil and black olive


Mains - To Share

Ocean trout, whey and sorrel

Bitter leaf salad, pear and buttermilk

Slow Roast Lamb Shoulder

Roast Potatoes, confit garlic

Black barley & farro salad, hibiscus, za'atar

Heirloom carrots, chermoula & shanklish


Dessert Buffet

Lemon meringue tarts

Baked cheesecake with berry coulis

Toffee éclairs with crème patissiere

Flourless chocolate cake

Opera cake squares

Vanilla and chocolate cannoli

Salted caramel macarons

Cake – The amazing Vicki from Dolce Fantasia created our divine dessert buffet and cake bonbonnieres. Dessert is my favourite type of food, so I wanted it to be amazing (and it was!) I knew a simple classic restaurant dessert wasn’t going to cut it. I worked with Vicki to come up with a selection of mini desserts that fitted a variety of flavor preferences. Then, given that there was lots of options, we decided not to serve a wedding cake, and instead to include a piece of cake with the party favours. Vicki pre-prepared these and made a false cake for show so that we had something to cut. We chose to feature gold on the cake and desserts to tie in with the gold and ivory colour palate.

Bombonieres – I made mini beaker candles from scratch to show off my science background. Guests were also given a piece of wedding cake in a small giftbag. I ordered the beakers from MadAboutScience.com.au and the candle supplies from Aussie Candle Supplies, who are great to deal with and super helpful about what you need when trying to make your own candles for the first time. I would definitely recommend it as each candle worked out at only $4 each (inclusive of all materials and tools), and I felt a sense of achievement by making them myself.

Hair -  I am lucky in that I have had the same hairdresser for my whole life. Tracey Colebrook has an uber cool salon in South Yarra and it was a no brainer that she would do my hair for the wedding. We worked together and had numerous trials before we finally decided on my updo. I wanted something super classic, yet not your traditional low bun updo that most brides go for. My hair stayed in all day and was really comfortable. Tracey also stitched my veil into my hair so that when we wanted to remove it we simply had to cut out the stitching and remove the slider. This way we didn’t have to try to remove any bobby pins that might disrupt the style.

Make up – I had originally booked a top bridal make-up artist from One Fine Day over 14 months out from the big day. Then, the week of the wedding the MUA was having some timing issues with a job she had booked in after she would be done with us, and wanting to move timings around so she could make it to the next booking. I was really upset with this as I didn’t want to feel like my MUA rushed through my make up on my wedding day. So we had to cancel our booking, and luckily the wonderful Allie Louise was available to rescue us in the eleventh hour. She did my make up for my hens and was super lovely and professional. She uses airbrush techniques which I’d never tried before, and my make-up was flawless and stayed on all night. My tip here is to make sure your MUA is going to make the whole day available for you so that you’re not rushed or pressed for time. Given the cost of bridal make-up artists I think this is something to confirm when you’re paying your deposit.

Wedding Bands - We chose classic yellow gold bands that I had custom made with one of my best friends from my jewellery days.