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New KWH Stockist - Chantilly Couture in Oklahoma

Posted on 16 Feb, 2018
New KWH Stockist - Chantilly Couture in Oklahoma

Owner of Chantilly Couture, Chelsea Ricks, wanted to provide her brides (both in Oklahoma and all of the south) with a modern, unique, and intimate bridal shopping experience. They do this by being an appointment only boutique that caters to one bride at a time. This gives their brides the entire boutique to themselves and ensures a personalized, relaxed, and fun environment with our undivided attention while her guests relax in the bridal lounge!

They are also hosting a very exciting KWH by Karen Willis Holmes sequinned trunk show soon! See below this post for all the details!

Your name? Chelsea Ricks

Store name? Chantilly Couture

Where is your store located? In Oklahoma City, the heart of Oklahoma. We are located just outside a high-end, somewhat historical neighborhood and just minutes away from a slew of restaurants and retail shopping!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started your store? I’m just going to do some bullet points!

  • I am a wife to an amazing man and firefighter (We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary during NYC market, and are going on 6.5 years together) 
  • Mommy to 3 fur babes
  • 2016 UCO Graduate with Bachelor’s degree in Business
  • Lover of all things that are unhealthy especially ones that are sweet and sour
  • Obsessed with residential real estate/interior design, floral, trampolines, and taking baths

I originally wanted to own my own clothing boutique but when I became a bride I noticed a void in our market and wanted to fill it! I had some not so great experiences when dress shopping in Oklahoma and in Arizona and I really struggled with the lack of original, modern, and fun styled gowns. Everything I saw seemed to be so traditional looking and couldn’t be customized. I wanted to be the niche or “industry disruptor” in Oklahoma so that our girls could shop local instead of always going to TX, NY, or CA. Through this first year we’ve had brides from all over the U.S. buy from us and it has truly been a blessing to have that and to know we are also helping our community and economy because when brides come visit us, they typically stay for the weekend and ask what to do, where to stay, etc. :) I was able to start my store right out of college because my dad suddenly passed away and I just felt a calling to use that experience and what I had received as a blessing and to start this business. My husband, family, current designers and friends in the industry have been a huge help and so supportive along the way and we are excited to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary on Nov. 18th!

 Reanna in the Anya gown

What does a typical day for you involve?

EVERYTHING! Lol. It’s just me at the boutique so I do everything from open and close the store, work one-on-one with brides and their bridal parties, clean, place orders, do social media, and try and keep up with our bookkeeping. I often get to be a part of photo shoots and attend other bridal events such as open houses and bridal shows as well!

Why do you love your job? I love what I do because I feel like I get to do Gods work.  I believe God gave me this opportunity so I could help brides and I just love knowing that I can make a positive impact on their wedding planning experience. I also have never liked having a boss to answer to, so although it can be stressful and not as flexible as people like to think, it is amazing being a total BOSS BABE!

 Hillary in the Fontanne gown

What are your favourite KWH gowns and why?

Aria- She has a “destination wedding” vibe that I totally love, plus… that back! PS. About 65% of our brides are destination weddings!

Celine- It can be hard to find an all beaded, slim fitted, long sleeve gown, so she seems to have it all!

Cindy- She’s just a great modern but classic option!

Anya- She’s got a great shape and simple beaded look that can’t be beaten!

Fontanne- We really liked the option of have a thicker strap for the girls who don’t love “spaghetti straps”, plus her bead-work is so fun!

We also like some from the WH collection that we hope to invest in, in the near future:

Karina- Great flattering fit with pretty lace sleeves

Nadia- I could die… she is sexy, modern, and all class

Bobby- just everything! So an awesome modern lace too

The Celine gown

What is it your clients love about a KWH gown and who do you see as the ‘KWH bride’?

We haven’t had anything like the KWH gown before… our gowns have been pretty minimalistic or super non-traditional so we wanted to bring on the gowns that are for the bride who wants a modern gown with sparkle that will fit her figure perfectly. We think that’s exactly what KWH is all about.

What are your tips or advice for brides searching for their gown?

It honestly depends on the type of bride they are…

I always tell them to leave themselves enough time to shop because it shouldn’t be a rushed decision where you have to “buy off the rack”. I also suggest that they stay true to themselves while still trying to be different from all the other brides (it’s a toughie but very important).  We allow images in my boutique so I also tell them to only take pictures of their top favs so that they don’t get overwhelmed when going back through photos to “refresh”.

 The Cindy gown

What is your coffee order? A peppermint hot chocolate with extra whip lol. I don’t drink coffee or tea much at all!

Favourite city? Hmmm I haven’t been to Austin, Portland, Oregon, or Universal Studios… but do those “places” still count?

Best way to spend $50? Date night of course!

Best advice you ever received? Trust in God, do your due diligence, and to be thankful for what I have instead of looking at everything I don’t.

Anything else you would like to share with brides-to-be about your store and what you offer? I would just want them to know that I am just a down to earth person that wants to help make their big day the best big day of their lives! ☺ I befriend all of my brides! 

The Aria gown


Sequin Trunk Show
23rd February - 4th March
Featuring gowns from the KWH by KAREN WILLIS HOLMES Collection.