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New KWH Stockist - En Blanc - Los Angeles

Posted on 05 Jan, 2018
New KWH Stockist - En Blanc - Los Angeles

EN BLANC is a bridal consultation service based in LA. Far from traditional bridal boutiques, En Blanc is a new service created for the modern LA bride offering private bridal gown consultations in the privacy and comfort of her own space. From start to finish, their traveling stylists and hand-delivered gown consultations offer a fresh and unique way to pick “the one” with your girls.

We are excited to introduce you to Bridget, who is behind this innovative venture.

Name? Bridget Doory

Store name? En Blanc

Where is your store located? Located in Santa Monica, CA but we are doing traveling consultations.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started your store? Been my dream for over 15 years.  I began my career in fashion and then went to a commodity trade floor and had a successful career in energy trading but knew I wanted to do this for over 10 years..... After getting the ball rolling for the bridal store, was noticing that we were hearing from our brides about the difficulties finding their dress in LA.  We're providing a service that brings the experience to them so that they don't have to encounter these stressors.  We bring everything from the dresses to the bubbles so a bride and really enjoy herself and relax in the comfort of her own space without the headaches that are often involved in wedding dress shopping.  The dress is my favorite part of a wedding other than the love shared between our couples and we are overjoyed to be a part of what should be FUN and joyful process for our girls.

The Lauren gown photographed by Marilyn Bartman

What does a typical day for you involve? Wake up.  Kiss my fiancé.  Coffee.  shower.   Listen to Otis Redding Pandora station.  read News.  Instagram.  Return work Emails.  Walk on Beach.  Spend quality time bringing joy to brides offering one-on-one bridal consultations for her and her group, probably share a couple tears with her cause I'll always be a sucker for a beautiful dress.  Listen to more music.  Work out ( haha - or try ).  Return more emails.  stalk various male musicians online for a couple..... minutes?.  attempt new innovative dinner recipe and pray for success.  watch no more than 30 minutes of a guilty pleasure on tv.  bed.  and throughout the day probably laugh at myself at least 15 times.

Why do you love your job? I love this job bc it combines my two loves.... a love for fashion and a love for love.  bridal is the only article of clothing that I've seen bring tears to eyes and it's so wonderful to be lucky to be a part of that experience with our brides.

The Layla gown photographed by Bek Smith

The Skye gown

What are your favourite KWH gowns and why? Obsessing over Layla right now, its lines create the most beautiful gatsby-esque vision while remaining so feminine and simple.  Aria is a close runner-up, the sequence and leaf patterns are PERFECT for our California babes who want to be a bride but also stay sexy and cool the way our LA girls tend always be! also, THAT BACK!? are you kidding!

What is it your clients love about a KWH gown and who do you see as the ‘KWH bride’? Brides are loving KWH because of how DIFFERENT they are from other designers.  KWH gives a dazzling and refreshing look for our brides, one that fits in SO well with our local brides.  I've heard so many say they've seen nothing like it and that seems to be the trend with each KWH collection we see!

Best way to spend $50? Dancing the night away at a concert.

The Cassie gown

Favourite City? Literally impossible to answer because I have the WORST wanderlust and convince myself that I could easily move to ANY city...but gun to head - New Orleans...can't beat the music, food and culture.

Best advice you ever received? From my grandmother, Nora "bless the child who has his own" taught me how to work hard to meet any goal and chase my dreams.  

Coffee order? Black large and strong!

The Aria gown photographed by Pink Flamingo Photography

En Blanc
In-home bridal consultation service, Los Angeles, CA

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