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Saturday the 21st January - All Grown Up Weddings

Posted on 16 Jan, 2017
Saturday the 21st January - All Grown Up Weddings

Introducing All Grown Up Weddingsthe brainchild of award-winning wedding photographers Dan and Kelly, who have collectively shot roughly 708 weddings over the past five years so really are industry experts. Make an appointment for this Saturday in our Alexandria flagship showroom to pick the brains of these Photography geniuses.  

Your Name? We’re Kelly Tunney and Dan O’Day

Location? We are based in Canberra, but we have photographers that are always ready and packed to travel wherever it is that your dream day is going to happen, around Australia, and overseas.

Business name? All Grown Up Weddings 

Let's start at the beginning. How did your business come about? All Grown Up Weddings is our little baby.  We have collectively shot roughly 708 weddings over the past five years and were initially industry competitors, giving one another angry sneers at photography expos and secretly working very hard to out-rank the other with every new project. But, as they say, “Time Heals All Sneers,” and it was no exception for the two of us.

The truth is that we’ve been great friends and assets to one another in our individual businesses for years, in fact we were in the very same hospital together when we were born! Out of everything that we’ve both done, our proudest achievement to date has to be All Grown Up Weddings!

What inspires you? We just love to share the love.  Whether it’s through photographs of so many wonderful “big days”, celebrating the successes of the amazing gang that we have shooting for us, or being able to share what we’ve learnt with our colleagues at workshops, we just love to share the love that we have for what we do, and the love that we find in everybody we work with.

How do you start your day? Dan orders a large decaf flat white with skim milk and two sugars.  Kelly gets a piccolo with coconut milk and it all goes downhill from there really!!

What is your favourite thing about your job? It would have to be that we get to collaborate and work with the most amazing people, on the best day of their lives.  Our clients let this bring out the absolute best in themselves and this spurs us on to do the same, every single time.  It’s always new, always different, and this gives us a chance to create and shine in a new way with every single wedding that we shoot.  Our coffee orders are always the same but the people are always different.  We love that about our job.

What is your advice to couples planning a wedding? That would be to channel your inner Freddie Mercury and sing at the top of your lungs “I want to break free!!!”.  Don’t worry about convention, ignore tradition, do whatever it is that’s going to make this day yours, just how you want it to be.  Remember why you’re there, to celebrate the love that you sure, so do what it is that allows you to do that in a way that is all you!

Favourite city? This is such a tough question! For Dan it would have to be somewhere in Japan, but most definitely New York City.  For Kelly, hmmmmmm, probably London or somewhere else in the UK - this is such a good way to understand the way our brains work differently though :-)

The best way to spend $50? Coffee, always coffee!

Anything else you would like to share with brides-to-be about your work.

At All Grown Up Weddings, we’re all experienced photographers, and weddings are what we live to shoot.  Each of us has our own flavour and twist, just like our coffee orders (what’s with the decaf though? Oh, what? We couldn’t handle Dan with caffeine? Ok then, if you say so!). 

Each person here has been selected because they’re unique, they know what they’re doing, and they’re bloody good.  But that’s about all from us. Now we’d love to hear a little more about you, what’s your story, and what you have planned for the most epic day of your life?!


When? Saturday the 21st of January 2017 

Where?  9 Doody St. Alexandria NSW 2015

Kelly and Dan from All Grown Up Weddings will be in store on the day, book an appointment to try on dresses & chat to them before or after. Book here to be involved in this exciting event or call now for more details +61 (0)2 8338 1078

If you miss out on an appointment you are still more than welcome to come in to speak to Kelly and Dan, just email them directly to discuss. 


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