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Saturday the 25th February - Oh Flora

Posted on 06 Feb, 2017
Saturday the 25th February - Oh Flora

Oh Flora's creations are just simply stunning. Old worldly, romantic, sophisticated & bursting with style.  Tanya is a Stylist and Florist based in Sydney and we have been in love with her work for years. Most recently, she was the floral mastermind and stylist behind one of our shoots- she created a large floral installation 'growing' from the floor and the walls, creating a botanical wonderland in shades of pastel pinks, apricots, ever so pale blushes & stronger crimsons, perfectly balanced with the subtle heaviness of greenery in the foliage.  

She is inspired by travel, nature, roadtrips, flower trips, markets and of course by creating unforgettable experiences for her clients. On top of this, she also runs workshops covering everything from bouquets, foraging, centerpiece making and private workshops. 

On Saturday February 25th, Tanya will be in our flagship showroom in Alexandria, Sydney to chat to you about all of your wedding floral ideas. Make an appointment to try on our gowns here and make sure to not miss out on this incredible opportunity.  

Your Name: Tanya Shaw

Location: Leichhardt - Sydney

Business name: Oh Flora Studio

Let's start at the beginning. How did your business come about? Oh Flora Studio was born when I decided to move to Sydney, then started to look into becoming a florist and just became obsessed with flowers.  I had wanted to work creating events since I was a child.  I'm honestly not sure where it all came from (the film "The Wedding Planner" probably had something to do with it).  I just love making things beautiful and creating spaces people can enjoy and take in.  I started off working a couple of months here and there in a few florist shops but had the urge since the beginning to jump in the deep end on my own.  So, I went over to the States last year on the most inspiring flower filled trip of my life and when I returned home I made the leap of working solely for myself.  I love to work closely with my clients to refine their inspiration and create a day that's truly unforgettable for them and their guests.

What inspires you? Nature & Travels!!  The combo of going on a road trip and pulling over in the middle of nowhere to stare at a stunning dogwood tree or visiting a flower farmer - absolutely the best in my books!

How do you start your day? On market days, I'd love to say I get up readily and excited for the flower market, but honestly, the first 20 mins are HARD!  After that the excitement kicks in when picking up all my lovely fresh floral orders and picking out any extra bunches I can't help but take back to the studio.  Then it's coffee time whilst making the studio look pretty (just for myself), followed by arranging orders and replying to emails! 

What is your favorite thing about your job? The change of seasons, especially when we go into Spring & how I learn something new every single day.  This would also tie with the excitement and emotion on a brides face when she sees their flowers the morning of her wedding. 

What is your advice to couples planning a wedding? Trust your vendors and list your top priorities for your budget.  Invest in the things they are truly important to you.  Pick vendors that are already aligned with your style, you will get better value for money and a professional who understands what you're wanting. They of course, should listen to your priorities and work closely with you, but trust and consider their opinions and options they offer. 

Favorite city? Can I please pick two!?  New York & San Cristobal. New York, because it's just amazing isn't it? And there are so many neighbourhoods to explore.  San Cristobal, Mexico- the most interesting mix of Spanish and Mexican influence inspired city in Chiapas, Mexico, made up of gorgeous cobble stoned streets, stunning churches, amazing food and beautiful people. 

Best way to spend $50? A relaxing beach picnic with a bottle of wine!

Anything else you would like to share with brides-to-be about your work. My work is very much influenced by nature and an old world, historic style of floristry (think Dutch Masters paintings).  I love to use a huge variety of flowers and foliages when arranging and generally only a few stems of each, sometimes my bouquets can have up to 18 different types of botanics in them.  I have very recently started a small cutting garden in a borrowed yard to grow more organic looking stems and hard to find varieties.  I hope to add these flowers to my arrangements next year to make them a little more special!



Tanya Shaw
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